About the artwork

Michael Jones is made from a reclaimed throw. The throw that he’s made from looked well used and worn, so the idea for an older character who maybe had a wife and children came about. Being an older character, it made sense that he has a limited pallet in terms of fabric, so only the back of his head is made from velvet. The shapes that he’s made from are all intestinal shapes from my collages. He has all the lose threads on him from being sewn together to further emphasise that he is an old character, this is the same reason he has the seams on the outside of the pieces he’s made from.
Michael is quite versatile in the way that he can be displayed, he can either sit down or be suspended so that his legs dangle down, he’s sat on a self in the photo to demonstrate this.


About the character

Michael Jones is 66 years old, he has been married to his beautiful wife Georgina for 40 years, they have three Hidies, who aren’t so much Hidies anymore as grown up Hiders. Clarence is 36, Jemima is 30 and Edward is 16, now they’re all grown up they don’t live at home under the sofa, apart from Edward of course he still lives with his mum and dad. Michael used to work in repairs, with David’s dad actually, David is Jemima’s husband, that’s how David and Jemima met which was nice for them, he’s pleased his daughter met a nice Hider that she wanted to marry and settle down with. Working in repairs was a very rewarding job, Michael is retired now, he retired last year which is nice because it means he gets to spend more time with Edward and helping him with his school work, Edward struggles at school, Michael is trying to help him, but it’s not always easy because Michael was at school a long time ago. It’s not so much the work that Edward struggles with, but Michael has noticed that Edward doesn’t really have many friends, he’s been pretty persistent lately about getting a creature like Clarence has, Edward keeps telling Michael and Georgina it’s to keep them happy and busy whilst Edward is at school but they know better. Edward is lovely boy, he’s the youngest, it took Michael and Georgina a long time to get the fabrics together to make him. Clarence, as he’s now called was their first Hidie. He had a difficult time at university and nearly got spotted a few times so he moved back home and then got into the trend of changing his fabrics when Jemima started working in maintenance, it was nice back then when the two of them got on but now they’ve fallen out because Clarence didn’t listen to Jemima or something? Who knows what siblings fight about!
Michael and Georgina met at school and have been together for a very long time, they are very happily married, their relationship and their family is full of love, even if Jemima doesn’t see them often and won’t come and visit. Jemima has two Hidies that Michael and Georgina would love to spend more time with, and they’d like to see David a bit more too, but Jemima won’t let them and they don’t quite understand why, Edward reckons Jemima isn’t very happy which worries Michael slightly.
Michael is also worried about his health, all of his thread is coming lose and he’s starting to feel a bit worn out, he doesn’t want to go to repairs because he knows he’s a bit older now and it’ll be too much work for them to repair him properly, but both Michael and Georgina know it’ll only be a few more years before it’s time.
Michael is a lovely Hider, he loves his wife and family and doesn’t mind that they are all a little bit different, that’s what makes them unique.