About the artwork

Jemima is mostly made from synthetic polyester fabrics, this was done intentionally because they look like they could be quite expensive, but really they are quite cheap and the quality isn’t that great, they fray quite a lot and they pucker under the sewing machine, there are a few natural cotton elements but even those are a certain percentage of polyester as well and the velvet is synthetic. This is all because Jemima’s character is actually quite a sad one, she thinks that she has a really perfect life but it’s actually all falling apart around her. She also has a lot more detail in her that some of the other characters, she has eyelashes and I’ve machine embroidered some of the tentacles, her eyes and lips have more detail on them than some of the others. All of these little things about the fabric and the detail that has gone into her are a thoughtful reflection on her personality as a character.


About the character

Jemima Simmonds is 30, she’s got an older sister, Clare, and a younger brother, Edward who is 16. Clare is weird and has ruined her life. Edward is weird and refuses to get on at school.
Jemima is very self-centred and career driven, she works for maintenance so it’s no wonder she’s quite up herself, she helps the Hiders with the latest fabrics and any changes of design that might be considered ‘fashionable’, it’s not the most rewarding job but Jemima doesn’t mind, as long as she looks good and makes other Hiders look better than when they came to her, who cares?
She’s very traditional with her views, in the sense that she doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary. She doesn’t like her family for starters, she doesn’t like how her sister came to her for maintenance and chose things that would make her personality a lot more masculine, despite the fact that Jemima told her that it looked awful, none of the fabrics matched and the people they belonged to were men, and now Clare insists people call her ‘Clarence’. Jemima is disgusted that she is 30 and has a 16 year old brother, it didn’t seem so bad when she was younger, but now when she thinks that her brother is still in school it just doesn’t sit well, nor does that fact that he refuses to make an effort to make friends and settle in the school, she made sure that he was adequately fitted with the most up to date fabrics, none of which he wanted, but at least he looks good, surely he should have been able to make friends based on how he looks, most Young Hidies would trade in all of their old fabrics for just a piece of what Edward has! She still can’t quite believe how ‘irresponsible’ her parents are. That and the fact that her parents haven’t changed the way they look in Ikea knows how many years, and her dad is practically falling apart and he refuses to go to repairs for it!
All that aside Jemima is happily married to David Simmonds, she was over-joyed when they finally got married, it meant that she could have a different surname and start a new, perfect, family and remove herself from the ‘Jones’s’. She has two Young Hidies with David, their names are Emma, who is 5, and Nial, who is 3. Jemima likes her little family, she wouldn’t mind some more Young Hidies but David said no, Jemima secretly thinks about making some from the fashionable fabrics in maintenance but is worried about the consequences with David if he found out, and what her other Young Hidies would say. But her and David are in stable jobs and are enjoying their life together, Jemima doesn’t have any friends though, she goes through life pretending it doesn’t bother her, she has the Hiders she talks to at work but she does wish sometimes that she could go out with other Hiders like David does. Jemima works quite long hours so that leaves David to sort out the Young Hidies, taking Emma to school and Nial to his parents, Jemima doesn’t really like to take the Young Hidies to her parents, they only live under the coffee table which isn’t far from under the dining table where they live but she says it’s ‘too risky’, and ‘under the bookcase where David’s parents live is much closer’.
Jemima is happy.