About the artwork

Edward is made from mostly cotton fabrics which are natural and are softer to touch, he has some cotton pillow cases and some of the same cotton throw that Michael is made from. He has a friendly looking face, and because he’s only 16 he is a bit smaller than the other characters. I’ve really concentrated on how I made him because as a younger character he would be slightly better made than the others, in terms of the story being that the older characters might be falling apart a bit more. Instead of making individual parts and stuffing them and then sewing together, like I’ve done with the other characters, I stitched all of Edwards pieces together first and then stuffed all of this body, only his head and arms are individual pieces, so he’s a bit more together and firmer than the others.
I wanted to create a character with a learning difficulty because I read a lot of fiction based around children with learning difficulties, it’s something that I have an interest in understanding more about. I have gone about it in a sensitive way when talking about Edward, in the short story about him you could piece together that he might have something that holds him back or not, it’s at the audience’s discretion, much like in the books I’ve read. I have also mentioned Edward in other character’s stories.  


About the character

Edward Jones is 16 years old, he has two older Hidies, Clarence his brother (he’s his favourite) and Jemima his (not very nice) sister. Edward lives under the sofa with his parents and goes to school under the shoe rack. He finds school a bit difficult, it’s not the subjects he struggles with, if anything he does very well with academic subjects but does find them a bit boring. His favourite subject is Maths, he likes how straightforward it is with formulas and things and takes comfort in knowing that the answers are either right or wrong. Science is his least favourite subject, it’s quite unpredictable and can be quite scary at times if experiments go wrong, (in Hider schools they like to do science experiments with putting mints in fizzy drinks). Edward enjoys the creative subjects like music, he finds listening to music very comforting and uses it to block out stupid comments from his class mates. Edward's class mates make fun of him because they he’s a ‘know it all’ and they don’t like that he gets special treatment, ‘why does Edward get to have music and headphones at school when no-one else is allowed? It’s not fair!’  Edward doesn’t know why they are complaining though, they know that he needs music when he’s feeling stressed and unhappy.
His brother understands, Edward really likes his brother. Clarence talks to Edward like he’s a grown-up Hider, not like how the teachers talk to him at school. Clarence is a lot more fun now he’s a brother, when he was Edward's sister he wasn’t very happy and that made Edward listen to his music a lot more, other Hiders emotions really affect how Edward feels. He didn’t like Clarence’s wife very much, she used to speak to Edward like he was a really Young Hidie and that made him very angry. Edward is happy that Clarence isn’t married now and that he is happier, although Edward doesn’t get to see Clarence much now he’s moved upstairs, but when he comes to visit it’s really fun because Clarence brings his creature and lets Edward play with him.
Jemima isn’t very nice to Edward, or anyone else in the family, she made Edward go to maintenance and gave him some fabrics to change how he looks, and now thanks to her the Hidies at school don’t like him even more. Jemima is always trying to change his family, give them new fabrics and advice about how they should be living their lives. Edward is unsure why fabrics and life advice is so important to Jemima, maybe Jemima is unhappy? He has a sense for working out how people actually feel. He understands she needs a job though.
Edward likes living with his parents, he’s trying to convince them to get a creature because he knows it will stop him isolating himself with music, in the same way as Clarence’s creature does that, he also thinks it will help to cheer his parents up a bit because since Clarence moved away and with Edward being at school during the week they seem a bit lonely.
Edward generally is a happy hidie.