Hello, I'm the Storyteller! (But you can call me Spud).

I know everything about everyone and everything else. Here you can find out all about me and the creatures I live with. If you don’t understand some of the terms, here you can open the glossary. I must warn you, I’m not the best at telling stories, (I go on a bit, or so I’m told, I never really get to the point) despite my name, but I’m sure you can excuse that what with me being fictional and made of fluff! I am only The Storyteller on the grounds that I was spokeshider for the Jones’s because it was my idea to be a part of a website so people can learn about us, otherwise everyone calls me Spud.​

Now, let me tell you about the Hiders and how we came into being.
It started not too long ago, okay, maybe a little longer ago now that I come to think of it, anyway, I was under a bed minding my own business, being a lovely bit of scrap fabric, when suddenly I realised I was conscious. I don’t know how that happened, but I am a fictional character so we can call it magic. 

I realised I was fluffy, and being fluffy has its disadvantages because it means I attract these odd bits and pieces and I can’t get rid of them, they kind of stick to me, so I have no idea what’s stuck in my fluff but I’ve grown attached to it now.

So, I sat under the bed for a little while wondering what to do with my new found consciousness, I thought I’d have a look out and see what’s what, but my goodness! What a mistake that was! I got picked up by one of 'them', sewn together and stuffed! Now I have arms and legs and the bits that were stuck to me are sewn there now, although the legs were very helpful for running away quickly and getting back under the safety of the bed, but I was not going back out there. 

On my escape from 'them' I got some paper stuck to me, really strange pieces they were, some absurd imagery, like nothing I’d seen before, of course I’d never seen anything before. I set about making myself some friends, although, the absurd paper isn’t as friendly looking as me and it’s not soft, it doesn’t like to become conscious either which isn’t fun, but still it gave me something to pass my time with, I enjoy making what 'they' call ‘collages’, I can keep taking them a part and put them back together, it keeps me entertained. Although sometimes putting together small ‘collages’ they become conscious, I haven’t quite worked out why yet. But they end up just following you around, they’re a little bit annoying really, strange little creatures, they make great pets though!

Before I get to distracted and reminiscent about the past, let me explain the basics, we are Hiders, because we spend our time hiding from 'them'. We live under the furniture, under the sofa, the dining room table, book cases, cabinets, we live everywhere and try not to get spotted.

'They' don’t ever see us because we’re fictional, and the older 'they' get the less imagination 'they' have and we don’t get believed in anymore. (The younger ones sometimes think they see us, but we’re very sneaky so they might only catch a glimpse!). Also, our extremely and highly complex mirror system that we’ve set up reflects in such a way that we can be invisible. Occasionally if Hides are on the move there has been the odd spotting which is really sad, very very sad, and unfortunate, but it’s something that we’ve learnt, albeit learnt the hard way, to cope with.


Perhaps I’m getting head of myself, let me explain that we’re made from their old clothes or soft furnishings. In 'their' world, (and sometimes 'they' aren’t the most intelligent creatures!) things go missing, socks, buttons, jumpers and things and it’s ever so funny, 'they' just can’t work out where it’s gone. The reality though is that we’ve taken it, maintenance have sent the scouts out to search for new fabrics and they’ve brought the items back. We do like to laugh at 'them', "Where’s me jumper?!" 'they 'say, "I thought I left it on the sofa and now it’s gone" sometimes 'they' will have an entire pack looking for things, oh how we giggle, although sometimes we will put bits and pieces back if we take too much, otherwise we run the risk of being spotted a lot more and we can’t jeopardise that, we usually work on one item every five weeks. 


The Storyteller is a friendly looking piece made of recycled fabrics, mostly faux fur with other cotton based fabric shapes attached. I designed this character to be the founder of the Hiders.
Being the first character of the Hiders and the one that the rest of them will turn to for help, which is why he looks very friendly. He didn’t necessarily have to follow the crude shapes that I make collages from, he has an essence of them but they aren’t as recognisable as in some of the other characters.
I like that The Storyteller (or Spud, as I’ve nicknamed him because during production he some-what resembled a potato) is different from the other characters that I make. Spud has a teddy bear-esque quality about him which is purposely done because of his origins of living under the bed, he looks like something that would live in a bedroom and the kind of character that looks inquisitive and cute that might branch out and make himself some friends.


Knowing that on average they only wear around 20% of their wardrobe it makes it slightly easier to get items. I think I’ve gone a little bit off course, umm, oh yes! This one time, I was playing with my ‘collages’ and I wondered about making someone like me, so what I did, and you’ll like this it’s funny, I was sat under the bed and I pulled a whole throw of the bed, it just slipped straight down the side and vanished, 'they’re' still fighting about it now, I think the smaller one in the pack got the blame for making a den and then hiding the throw after making it messy, which wasn’t fun for him but I was giggling so much, I was on my back laughing!

As fun as it is though, to be made out of recycled fabrics, it can have its disadvantages, because the fabrics are previously owned the personalities or traits of the old owner are attached to that fabric which then means it’s attached to us and this affects our personalities, which isn’t always a bad thing but as you can imagine every now and again…Anyway, the main disadvantage is that if 'they' spot us, due to 'their' lack of imagination, 'they' don’t recognise us as beings, all 'they' see is a pile of items that 'they 'thought 'they’d' lost. Then hiders get taken apart and the bits and pieces go back to being things in 'their world'. It's awful!

 Let me think now, what else would you like to know? Oh yes! As I might have previously mentioned but you know me and my stories! We all make one another, so I made my green friend out of the throw that I stole, and he made himself a son out of the left overs of the throw, Michael his name is, he’s lovely, he has a lovely wife and three Hidies, they became the Jones's, you can find out about them on the previous page.

 There are lots of us though, it’s just for the time being it’s only the Jones’s that are comfortable with being put on a website. We also have jobs, I haven’t told you about, we do jobs for being rewarding and helpful, I’ve seen what money does in 'their world' and we don’t want that thank you. We spend our time looking out for one another and trying not to get spotted. We have been around for a long time now, living in 'their dwellings' and living under furniture. Hiders are very well established creatures.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this story and learning about the hiders! I'm sorry I ramble on a bit. You can see the Jones's on the previous page, they all have their own story to tell!