About the artwork

Clarence Jones was the first character I made, he’s recognisably based on some of the collages from the OOH, BIT RUDE series with bits sticking out from him, and having two heads. I have always enjoyed making textile creatures and objects so I wanted to try and make one of my collages three dimensional. I usually name my works with human names so this sculpture became Clarence quite naturally, that’s where the idea for making a family came from. Clarence’s seams are on the outside because of the nature of some of the fabrics he’s made from, I couldn’t turn them inside out when I was making him. It works with his character though because he is the first child that the Jones’s would have made and Clarence’s dad has his seams on the outside so it fits with the family. The type of character that Clarence is, is one that goes through some changes and this is reflected in the clashing colours and textures and shapes that he’s made from.


About the character

Clarence Jones is 36 years old. He has a brother, Edward, who is 16 and a sister, Jemima, who is 30. His sister is married with children and Edward is at secondary school, Edward has a learning difficulty which Clarence sympathises with because he knows how hard it can be at school when there’s something a bit different about you.
Clarence was married to Daphne Harding for two years. They had been together a year before deciding to tie the knot, but things didn’t quite go to plan and sadly Clarence is struggling with his divorce. They were so in love with each other, and their families got on really well, and it wasn’t like a year was too short a time to be together before getting married, not for them. Things just change.
Clarence is focusing on himself for the first time in his life, he’s generally the sort of Hider that is very selfless and looks out for everybody else. He’s very riskily moved from under the sofa downstairs to under the chest of drawers in the bedroom upstairs, he must have done it when they were out, it’s a scary life being a Hider, who knows what would have happened if he had been spotted…again!
Since moving under the chest of drawers Clarence has got himself a small creature and works at the call centre for the time being. His job is advising other Hiders about moving under different furniture. It’s not the most exciting job but it’s rewarding enough to distract him from the divorce and gives him something else to think about.
Clarence is also thinking about going back to university to study geography. He went to university when he was younger with all of the other Hiders, but he wasn’t ready for the risks that it came with, he was nearly spotted twice while out with friends, so he went back home to his parents because of the stress of his philosophy course and he was quite homesick as well. He feels he could make more of a career out of studying geography, especially with the amount that the landscape changes nowadays. When Clarence went back home he got a job working in repairs, this was very rewarding, helping Hiders that had been spotted or caught on something and patching them up. That was how he met Daphne.
For now though he’s happy with his creature and living under the chest of drawers, it’s good fun.